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Custom Broaching Services for Your Machined Parts

At Creed Monarch, our broaching services offer an efficient way to machine keyways, internal splines and external flats. For parts requiring straight cut features, not easily produced by traditional CNC machines, broaching could be the answer.

Outfitted with 18 Advanced Broach Machines and 10 Hydraulic Presses:


  • 18 – Ty Miles 24", 48" broach

  • 5 – Bliss C-22, 35, 45, 60 presses

  • 5 – Various 5-50 ton presses


Cost-Efficient Broaching for Your Custom- Machined Components


Broaching is a machining process that utilizes specialized cutting tools to machine anything from flats to complex shapes into metal parts – either externally or internally. The cutting tools feature unique tooth profiles with increasing diameters. This allows the broach to machine complex custom shapes in a single pass, making the process extremely efficient for high-volume parts production.

Your Single-Source Manufacturer for Precision Broaching Solutions

Our diverse range of broaching equipment provides the ability to streamline numerous machining operations of your complex components in a single pass. From short-run parts to high-volume production requiring millions of parts, Creed Monarch’s advanced broaching capabilities guarantee quality, consistency and speed of delivery.

Creed Monarch’s engineered broaching solutions enable us to manufacture your custom components with precision machined keyways, external flats and internal splines. With over 175,000 square feet of streamlined manufacturing space at our disposal, we provide the high-volume efficiency that your production parts require, backed by an ISO 9001:2015 quality control system.

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