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Multi-Spindle Turning Services

Creed Monarch offers custom, multi-spindle, cam-driven and CNC turning services with the efficiency to tackle your mid- to high-volume production runs with industry-leading precision and consistency. Our multi-spindle screw machining capabilities are ideal for small and medium-sized components with precision tolerances.


Some of the highlights of our advanced multi-spindle screw machining equipment include:


  • 68 – New Britain Gridley Model 52 and 62

  • 12 – Gildemeister GM20

  • 14 – Gildemeister GM16

  • 3 – Index MS-32

  • 2 – Euroturn 8-32

  • 1 – ZPS Chucker


Precision Multi-Spindle Machining Solutions with Engineered Efficiency

Our engineering team develops a capable and cost-effective manufacturing process based on the specific requirements of your custom parts: the physical size and shape, design and tolerances, as well as production quantities. When it comes to high-volume production machining, our multi-spindle turning capabilities offer a level of precision and efficiency that will accommodate even the most demanding industrial parts runs. Simultaneously, manufacturing consistency is guaranteed through our integrated quality control system that is backed by the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.

certified ISO 9001-2015 company.png

The Advantages of Multi-Spindle Turning / Screw Machining​

  • Numerous machining operations performed at the same time: turning, broaching, threading, knurling, cross-drilling, etc.

  • Secondary machining operations are often unnecessary, substantially reducing both production time and cost.

  • Increased capacity and shorter cycling times optimized for mid- to high-volume manufacturing jobs.

  • Utilizing cutting-edge, CNC multi-spindle turning centers enable us to program custom feed rates and rotation speeds at each spindle. Matching rotation speeds with machining operations optimizes cycle times.

Your Single-Source Manufacturer for Streamlined Multi-Spindle Turning Services

Our precision CNC machining facility offers more than 175,000 square feet of streamlined manufacturing space equipped with over 400 production machining centers. Our versatile manufacturing technology includes a wide range of the industry’s most dependable cam-driven and CNC multi-spindle turning equipment capable of tackling your high-volume machining runs with unparalleled quality and consistency.

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