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Rotary Transfer Machining Services

At Creed Monarch, we can handle all of your complex machining needs with the precision and consistency your custom metal components require. Our state-of-the-art rotary transfer machine department enables us to streamline your mid- to high-volume production while providing versatile, cost-effective 4- and 5-axis CNC solutions.

Highlights of Our Rotary Transfer Machining Equipment Include:

  • 8 – IMAS IMASFLEX 300, 500

  • 1 – Hydromat HS-16

  • 2 – Hydromat AT 10-115

  • 1 – Techinca 12 station

  • 3 – Rismatic 6, 12, 16 station

  • 7 – Eubama S6 (8 station)

  • 5 – Creed Monarch Custom – Custom built 4, 6, and 12 station rotary transfer machines

Speed, Versatility and Efficiency via Streamlined CNC Operations

Creed Monarch’s state-of-the-art rotary transfer capabilities are engineered to handle high levels of design complexity through numerous automated machining processes at medium- to high-production volumes. Our rotary transfer department equipment offers the capability to machine 16 parts simultaneously with automatic switch outs for unparalleled productivity, and reduced costs.


Each rotary transfer machining station is CNC controlled with 4th- and 5th-axis capabilities. This means that a range of versatile machining operations can be performed seamlessly at each station, including:

  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Honing

  • Forming

  • Pressing

  • Reaming

  • Slotting

  • Broaching

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Our 175,000 square-foot CNC machining facility is equipped with over 400 production machining centers including a complete rotary transfer department engineered for high-volume efficiency. 

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