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Gear Cutting and Hobbing Services with CNC Precision

Creed Monarch’s complete range of CNC production solutions includes precision gear cutting / hobbing services. Our custom gear cutting department utilizes Koepfer Model 153 and Model 200 gear hobber machines for close-tolerance gear-shaping capabilities in accordance with your exact specifications.

Versatile Gear Cutting Capabilities

At Creed Monarch, we have the equipment and capabilities to cut, hob, grind and shape your custom-geared components through optimized CNC machining processes. 

Koepfer EMAG 200.jpg

Custom-Cut Gear Production Solutions

We provide streamlined gear production services for a range of advanced industries and applications. From automotive segment gears to the industrial gear systems used in commercial assembly lines, our innovative machine shop offers the diverse engineering experience and precision capabilities to produce all of your geared components.


Some of the industries we serve with our production gear hobbing machines include:


  • Automotive

  • Military and defense

  • Industrial manufacturing and assembly

  • Oilfield and gas sector


We offer custom-cut gears in virtually every commonly used style and configuration, including:

  • Rack and pinion systems

  • Helical cut gears

  • Spur gears

  • Worm gears

  • Bevel gears

Cost-Effective Gear Cutting Services from
the Experts in Precision CNC Solutions

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