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A Look Inside Automatic Screw Machines and the Multi-Spindle Turning Process

Automatic screw machines are advanced machining systems that help us manufacture many complex products faster, more efficiently, and with a higher degree of precision.

Essentially, our multi-spindle turning solutions combine the work of numerous conventional lathes into a single setup. We can effectively automate and/or streamline much of the process, resulting in quicker production times along with ensured repeatability from one part to the next.

The multi-spindle process is integral to our custom machining solutions here at Creed Monarch. Our facility integrates dozens of automatic screw machines and multi-spindle lathes to provide our customers with as much flexibility and capacity as needed. Below, we take a deeper dive into our multi-spindle turning services.

The Advantages of Multi-Spindle Turning for Precision Complex Parts:

Higher Efficiency on Multiple Levels

One major advantage of Creed Monarch’s multi-spindle turning solutions is the higher efficiency provided. Our screw machines simultaneously perform multiple complex machining operations on a single workpiece setup, with minimum operator intervention. As a result, cycle times are reduced, basically meaning we can make more of your products per hour. Your machine time costs and labor costs can both be substantially reduced in the process.

Higher Flexibility for a Wide Range of Projects

Our many different options of multi-spindle machines are equipped with a range of tooling and advanced controls to effectively tackle more types of projects. Our screw machines include CNC systems as well as cam-based indexing. Combining multiple machining methods with our versatile tooling catalog helps us quickly produce even the most complex of custom turned components.

Higher Precision and Repeatability

The synchronized operation of multiple spindles ensures that we maintain high consistency and precision across large batches of products. Your parts are churned out with exceptional precision – machined by the same tools one after another, cut from the same bar stock. Because subsequent machining operations are performed on the same workpiece setup, we eliminate many of the possibilities for manufacturing errors that result from variations in the conventional setup process.

Our Automatic Screw Machining Equipment Includes:

  • (68) New Britain Gridley Model 52 and 62

  • (14) Gildemeister GM16 

  • (12) Gildemeister GM20

  • (3) Index MS-32

  • (2) Euroturn 8-32

  • (1) ZPS Chucker

Precision American Machining Services Since 1953

Creed Monarch is an experienced US manufacturer backed by more than 70 years of quality contract manufacturing services. Our advanced multi-spindle turning solutions and automatic screw machines are capable of producing your parts with the highest degree of efficiency, precision, and repeatability possible.


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