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Rotary Transfer Machining Explained: Automating Complex Multi-Station CNC Processes

Rotary transfer machines are advanced, uniquely automated CNC machining systems that utilize multiple spindles, each one dedicated to a different machining operation.

The multiple spindles are precisely positioned around a central indexing head such that the workpieces automatically move from one spindle to the next. The result is a custom CNC machining solution which automates the majority of part handling, and essentially streamlines numerous complex operations into a single plug-and-play process.

At Creed Monarch, we utilize rotary transfer centers with up to 16 separate machining stations in order to provide our customers with enhanced production flexibility, speed and efficiency, all while minimizing your labor costs and maximizing repeatability.

What Is a Rotary Transfer Machine?

Rotary transfer machining is a uniquely automated CNC machining service that relies on multiple machine workstations which are centrally indexed. The workstations use modular heads equipped with live tooling to accommodate many different machining processes. For example, each spindle can independently perform a common machining operation such as milling, tapping, drilling, or chamfering. Workpieces automatically progress from one station to another, with subsequent workpieces in rotation being machined simultaneously.

Creed Monarch’s rotary transfer machines range from 6-station systems up to 16-station. Depending on the complexity of the part geometry and required machining features, we can choose the optimum tool and set it up to produce your components in a one-and-done process. 

In contrast, conventional CNC machining services require our technicians to manually load the parts into each separate machine and set it up properly. That adds extensive production time to your project, along with an increased chance for manufacturing errors.

The Advantage of Our Rotary Transfer Machining Services

The modularity of rotary transfer machines means that the workstations can be customized and set up with different machining processes to give us the best tool for every job at hand. Modular setups enable us to develop a lean, fully optimized CNC machining process for virtually every custom project. The result is unparalleled production efficiency, as well as increased speed and capacity for high-volume runs.

American Manufacturing Quality at a Competitive Price

The modern CNC machining industry demands the utmost in production speed and efficiency. In order to remain cost-competitive with overseas and offshore providers, American manufacturers such as Creed Monarch must employ the industry’s most advanced and capable CNC machining technology. That’s why our state-of-the-art machine shop is integrated with a full selection of rotary transfer machining equipment.

Creed Monarch’s rotary transfer solutions include custom in-house built 4, 6, and 12-station systems, along with numerous off-the-shelf systems with up to 16 stations:

  • Hydromat HS-16 and AT 10-115 machines

  • IMAS IMASFLEX 300 and IMASFLEX 500 systems

  • Technica 12-station rotary transfer

  • Rismatic 6, 12, and 16-station machines

  • Eubama S6 8-station rotary transfer machines

Precision Machining and Contract Manufacturing Services Since 1953

Creed Monarch is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer specializing in custom CNC machining services. Our advanced rotary transfer machining solutions are capable of achieving extremely tight tolerances and complex geometries with the highest degree of efficiency possible.


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