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Aluminum Parts – Precision CNC Machining Services by Creed Monarch

At Creed Monarch, we strive to integrate the latest CNC machining technologies and methodologies to tackle the widest range of projects possible. To that end, our expertise includes extensive capabilities in machining precision aluminum products, which can pose some unique production challenges. We take a look at some of those challenges below, and discuss the advantages of some of the common aluminum material grades we work with in our facility.

Special Considerations for CNC Machining Aluminum

While the process is virtually identical to CNC machining steel and most standard alloys, machining precision aluminum parts does come with some unique considerations – both in the design and manufacturing phases.

When it comes to the actual machining process, the relative softness of aluminum combined with its high thermal conductivity will sometimes require selecting different cutting tools than we would with steel alloys. Selecting the optimum tool for the job is one of the many areas where our 70+ years of manufacturing experience comes into play.

Aluminum also has a relatively low melting point, and melted material tends to stick and build up on the cutting tool. Therefore, we’ll typically choose high-speed carbide cutting tools with specialized coatings to prevent build up. Machining parameters such as cutting speed and feed rate also must be carefully optimized to achieve the highest efficiency possible while maintaining tolerances, surface finish, and overall part quality.

Of course, all the usual considerations come into the equation. Efficient chip removal is needed, proper cooling and lubrication is used, and precision workholding devices are employed to achieve the best results possible for each and every custom machined aluminum component.

Aluminum Grades Compared: Material Properties and Common Product Applications

2000 Series Aluminum Machined Parts

2000 series aluminum has copper as the primary alloying element. It offers an effective combination of high strength and hardness with good machinability and fatigue resistance. The material properties can also be further enhanced and fine-tuned via heat treatment.

Custom machined 2000 series aluminum parts include everything from precision aerospace parts (typically 2014 and 2024 aluminum) to rivets, wheel hubs, door knobs and other household items.

6000 Series Aluminum Machined Parts

6000 series aluminum has magnesium and silicon as the primary alloying elements. One of the most common machined aluminum materials, 6000 grades are typically known for excellent corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratios. These material advantages are combined with good machinability and ductility in the manufacturing process. 6000 series is also heat treatable and offers good weldability, making it an extremely versatile aluminum option.

Common uses include many various structural components in the construction industry, automotive chassis and suspension components, as well as consumer goods like bicycle frames and ladders.

7000 Series Aluminum Machined Parts

7000 series aluminum has zinc as the primary alloying element. Often renowned as the go-to high-performance aluminum material, 7000 grades offer exceptionally high strength combined with good fatigue resistance. It also offers good machinability, though it is more challenging to weld than its 6000 series counterparts.

The high strength-to-weight ratio often makes 7000 series the optimum material for critical aerospace parts, as well as high-performance defense industry products. In consumer applications, 7000 grades are widely used in high-end sports equipment, including bicycle frames and climbing gear, where both strength and lightweight properties are crucial considerations.

Creed’s Aluminum Machining Capabilities:

  • CNC milled aluminum parts and multi-axis components.

  • CNC turned aluminum parts and precision cylindrical/spherical components.

  • Multi-tasking mill-turning for more complex, difficult-to-machine aluminum products.

Quality American Machining Services for Aluminum Parts Since 1953

Creed Monarch is one of the New England region’s leading CNC machine shops specializing in the production of precision aluminum parts. Our advanced CNC machining solutions are capable of producing virtually any aluminum components with the highest level of quality, accuracy, and repeatability possible.


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